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Little Zubair, just 8 years old, came into Suubi Medical Centre yesterday with a severe case of malaria. He had diarrhea and severe vomiting and was kept on a drip overnight. Hopefully he will be recovered enough to go home this afternoon. He has had malaria on many occasions and his parents have been advised to take him to the main hospital in Iganga for comprehensive blood tests, as he appears to have a poor immune system but needs a full diagnosis.

Hopefully as time progresses, we will have electricity and the equipment in the lab to be able to carry out these tests ourselves at Suubi Medical Centre. In the meantime we need to get funds in for the basic treatments needed for malaria and then we can get preventative malaria nets for children like Zubair.

You can help by donating just £3 for a mospuito net, for children like Zubair. Thank you.

Electricity for Suubi

Those who have followed us over the years will have seen our struggle to connect Suubi Medical centre to the hydro electricity. Having power would make a difference because we would be able to use electric equipment and even carry out basic surgical operations and use a dental chair and things like that

We want to give this one last push. Our total bill is £2900 but we have £1700 so we need to raise £1200 to make it happen. We need some monentum to push this so that we end the 5 year long wait for electricity. Can you help with this drive?