We are in Uganda!

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Hi. Kizzy here. I am in Uganda with our group from Devon, Somerset and Gloucestershire. We said goodbye to Suubi Medical Centre at lunchtime after a week at the project, so I just wanted to share with you a few of the wonderful achievements that have been made by the group this week. 

We are a mixed group aged from 6 years old to me in my 50’s. Every single person has contributed in some way. We’ve had a photographer and videographer with us who have captured so many any of the issues facing the staff and the community. The youngsters of the group have been in instrumental in helping the village children feel at ease with our visit and have been fabulous going into the school to help too. We had painters and tilers and two of the group started building a community oven. One of the group painted the beds and had lots of helping hands! 

One of the biggest improvements though has been the tiling and painting of the new labour ward. The women were previously in a room that was impossible to keep hygienic and clean. They now have the room but need a proper examination table and our midwife needs more life saving equipment. This week, while our group was visiting, a young sixteen years old girl went into labour. Our midwife knew that she would need to be helped to deliver using more equipment than we have available (as the baby was large but the cervix small) and so they managed to get her, in labour, on a Boda Boda ( motorbike), for a 20 minute trip to the main city hospital. Unfortunately the hospital was packed and as feared, there was no midwife in sight when she gave birth. She tore and had to wait a long while to be stitched, the wait increasing the risk of infection, then she was sent straight home. Our midwife has the skills to help with a difficult birth but needs the right equipment. 

I will post more about the Centre over the next few weeks, but for now, I want to thank the staff there for the amazing commitment they show every single day in what is a very difficult environment to work in. We desperately need more medications and equipment for them, so that they do not have to turn people away, so if anyone wishes to donate using this link, we would welcome that very much. Thank you.

Electricity for Suubi

Those who have followed us over the years will have seen our struggle to connect Suubi Medical centre to the hydro electricity. Having power would make a difference because we would be able to use electric equipment and even carry out basic surgical operations and use a dental chair and things like that

We want to give this one last push. Our total bill is £2900 but we have £1700 so we need to raise £1200 to make it happen. We need some monentum to push this so that we end the 5 year long wait for electricity. Can you help with this drive?