Would you like to experience medicine in a challenging, under-resourced African environment? we need Uganda medical volunteers at Suubi Medical Centre.

Uganda medical volunteers

We can use your help!

Suubi Medical centre is extremely grateful for all of our Volunteers, depending on them to keep our administrative costs low to direct our funds directly to our mission in Uganda. We are open to your ideas, Suubi Medical centre will be happy to collaborate with you to match your ability with our needs.  If you have time to volunteer….we will find a way for you to help.

Volunteer Opportunities and Internships

Does the idea of spending some of your time in Ugandan villages, walking, cycling, driving to remote places in an off-road vehicle, living within the community and working with local Ugandan health workers to improve primary and secondary healthcare in their community sound appealing? We welcome Uganda medical volunteers at Suubi.

We will help for it all out:

Volunteering in Uganda with Suubi Medical centre is a truly life-changing experience that gives medical professionals like doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists a good opportunity to experience a mix of African infectious diseases, chronic illness, and acute medicine.

As a Community Volunteer Doctor or nurse, midwife, physiotherapist you’ll be working in a rural health facility, bringing medical care to communities who have no access to healthcare facilities in rural Uganda. The community medical service in Uganda includes structured placements built around: patient consultations; in-depth assessments of the rural health system; mapping of needs; developing detailed implementation plans with Suubi Medical Centre staff; delivering training to community health workers; and assessing the impact of interventions.

Uganda medical volunteers
Uganda medical volunteers

Suubi Medical centre can not afford the costs of hosting Uganda medical volunteers, therefore ensuring that you can meet your own costs before applying.

Requirements for Uganda medical volunteers
Uganda medical volunteers
Possible Uganda medical placements

Respiratory Medicine, Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Urology, Breast and Endocrine Surgery, Biochemistry and Metabolic Medicine, Nephrology, Vascular Surgery, ENT, Cardiology, General Surgery, Transplant Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Ophthalmology, Haemotology.

The cost include the following

An administration fee of £150 is charged per medical volunteer. Please note that this fee is non-refundable if you choose not to proceed with your placement.

Flights, from £650: A return flight from the Entebbe International airport can cost between £650-£900. This will vary depending on the airline chosen, the route, the time of the year. Most volunteers fly via Brussels, EAE, Ethiopia or Kenya.

Other costs, from £300: will include immunisations, travel insurance (a good estimate is around £100 per month) and indemnity insurance before you leave.

Visa, from £510: On arrival at Entebbe International airport you will purchase a single entry business visa for $50 (Approximately £40, you can also a choice to pay more for a multi-entry visa if you intend to visit nearby countries in your spare time). You will then extend this to a three-month temporary employment permit in Kampala which our programme team at Suubi medical centre will support you with. Prices are set by The Department of Immigration, Uganda and are subject to change as are exchange rates used to provide approximate GBP values.

Food cost Varies: Our placements have both full board catering and a self-catered option where volunteers provide their own food. There would be cooking facilities whether in Iganga or camping in the bush where our project team are on hand to help if required. Buying ingredients as a team and cooking together is a cheaper alternative to dining out. Dining out in Iganga costs upwards from £5-£10 per meal.

Uganda medical volunteers
Price breakdown & what’s included

You can volunteer up to 24 Weeks, and each extra week costs £150

Uganda medical volunteers
Rates Include: 
Rates Exclude:


Uganda medical volunteers

Some of our Uganda medical volunteers live with local families., others stay in affordable guest houses near the placements.

What better way to learn about the local Ugandan culture than by living with the local community during your Medical volunteering in Uganda. You will immediately be made to feel welcome and at home. You’ll experience local traditions and festivals which are unavailable to people staying in large hotels. 

If you stay with a family, you will, of course, have your own bedroom and you’ll be given 3 tasty meals every day. All accommodation is clean, safe and secure. 

The guesthouse accommodation will have showers and flush toilets but some places like villages will not be so luxurious so always take your hand gel. You can buy everything you will need in Uganda, including imported brands of shampoos and soaps and razors, so don’t feel you need to bring it all to Uganda with you.  Do but bring your own stock of work gloves, and your own white coats. These are often in short supply. You may want to donate yours to I Medical centre or the hospital when you leave.

Duration of placement

Suubi medical centre Uganda medical volunteers stay from two to four weeks of study dependent on the speciality. In special circumstances, a six-week placement is facilitated.

Visa applications – Important

Please be advised that all overseas Uganda medical volunteers must arrange their own visa. 

Uganda medical volunteers
Preparation for Uganda medical volunteering

You don’t need specific training before the Uganda elective. Do read up on Uganda before you travel, in particular the areas that you are planning to travel to. Prior knowledge of the history, cultures, tribes and Uganda local customs will really enhance your trip.

The majority of Ugandans speak good English and you will have very little trouble communicating, but you may find it useful for learning a few key Nyanja or Tonga words and phrases. The local Ugandan people love to see that you made an effort to learn the language.

Clothing for Uganda medical volunteering:
Uganda medical volunteers
Personal first aid kit

When at work stick to lightweight light clothing, it can get pretty hot in some of the rooms. At your accommodation, you are free to wear what you would wear at home.

Please take your anti-malarial tablets seriously, follow the entire course and don’t miss out on any tablets. Malaria is a big concern in Uganda and if you get any sort of fever when in Uganda then please do get yourself checked immediately for malaria.

Why Uganda medical volunteers?

We have experts who over the years have developed a keen eye on minute details and we have a well-established network of medical facilities and service providers in Uganda.