This is Collin.

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This is Collin.
He was noticed sitting outside Suubi Medical Centre, quietly, one afternoon while we were in Uganda.

One of our tour group went to talk to him to see why he wasn’t in school. He told us he felt ill and had been sent home. His parents were both in different towns and his grandmother who was caring for him, had no money for medicines if he needed them… so he was just waiting around in-case he became more ill and needed help. 

He was taken in to see our nurse Brian. After blood tests it was found he had malaria. 
He had no money for medications so we paid for them. It only costs £1.26 for the medications but if you don’t have that money, its a killer disease!

Collin has made a full recovery now, but we need to make sure we have the medications available for people who cannot afford to pay. 

Can you spare the price of a takeaway coffee a month to help people in the same situation as Collin please.

Maybe just £3 a month?
If so, please set up a recurring donation using this link.

Thank you for your support.

Electricity for Suubi

Those who have followed us over the years will have seen our struggle to connect Suubi Medical centre to the hydro electricity. Having power would make a difference because we would be able to use electric equipment and even carry out basic surgical operations and use a dental chair and things like that

We want to give this one last push. Our total bill is £2900 but we have £1700 so we need to raise £1200 to make it happen. We need some monentum to push this so that we end the 5 year long wait for electricity. Can you help with this drive?