Suubi medical internships Uganda for university students, including doctors, Nurses. Physiotherapists, Dentists, Midwives Occupational therapists

Suubi medical internships Uganda

We at Suubi Medical centre run Suubi medical internships Uganda offering clinical elective placements for medical students who are in their penultimate or final year of a clinical study. We are a small rural facility with no facilities but we work in partnership with Iganga district main hospital and other hospitals which helps us give medical elective students a wide experience. We welcome students from both the USA, UK and EU plus students from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Taiwan providing they have completed a minimum of 3 years of their medical degree programme including 12 months of clinical training.

Placements are available in a number of specialities and are undertaken at our Suubi medical centre and surrounding local areas and Iganga district hospital depending on availability.

Suubi medical internships Uganda
What are the available Suubi medical internships Uganda?

We currently offer seven different medical student elective placements in Uganda. for university students, including Medicine. Nursing. Physiotherapy. Dentistry. Midwifery. Occupational therapy.

We have Uganda medical elective internships for medical students including, doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, physiotherapists, student midwives and more.  

Why come to Suubi medical internships Uganda ?

Health is a major agenda and at the forefront of what we do in Iganga. You will experience first-hand the care of vulnerable patients within a rural Ugandan healthcare system with limited resources. 

General medical, general surgical, labour & delivery, paediatrics, outpatients clinic, community, laboratories (biomedical sciences), physiotherapy, dentistry, HIV outpatients and counselling services, social work, women’s empowerment, teaching & children’s development, trauma & Emergency Surgery

Suubi medical internships Uganda
How we help with your Suubi medical internships Uganda
Book Now & Pay later for Suubi elective internships Uganda

Book our suubi medical elective today with a low deposit and pay the balance later or in instalments. Our Suubi medical elective deposit options are flexible which means you can pay as and when you like, with any amount, as long as you are paid by the due date.

Suubi medical internships Uganda
At Suubi medical centre elective internships you will:

1. Improve your clinical skills and clinical knowledge by shadowing Uganda health professionals and guided learning activities at Suubi medical centre or at Iganga district hospital.

2. Exposure to various Uganda healthcare specialities (depending on your interest).

3. Opportunity to witness unique village medical conditions that you have only read in books about tropical diseases.

4. Challenge your critical thinking ability and inventiveness due to limited resources in Suubi medical centre.

5. Enhance skills like communication, confidence, teamwork, leadership, resilience, organising, planning, and teamwork through working with fellow students and other healthcare staff in the local Iganga district hospital and Suubi medical centre where you will be placed.

6. Give you a chance to travel around Uganda, unwind, meet new people and interact with Busoga culture.

Suubi medical internships Uganda
What will I observe on my Suubi elective placement?
What is the length of the Suubi medical elective internships Uganda ?
Suubi medical internships Uganda
What are the dates, daily routine of Suubi medical elective internships in Uganda?

Weekly rotas and ward rounds will be arranged on the ground with your supervising doctor at Iganga hospital and Suubi Medical centre designed according to your preferences.

What should I expect during my Suubi medical elective internships?
What are the local benefits to Suubi medical centre and Iganga hospital?
Tourist looking at mountain gorilla in African jungle. Getting very close to wildlife.
What do I need to prepare for your Suubi medical elective internships Uganda?

You don’t need specific training before a Suubi medical centre elective. Do read up on Uganda before you travel, in particular, the areas that you are planning to travel to. Prior knowledge of the history, cultures, tribes and Uganda local customs will enhance your trip.

The majority of Ugandans speak good English and you will have very little trouble communicating, but you may find it useful for learning a few key Luganda or Kiswahili words and phrases. The local Ugandan people love to see that you made an effort to learn the language.

Why use Suubi medical elective internships Uganda ?
Suubi medical internships Uganda
What is the application process?

Applications are open, all you need to do is submit your CV and Cover Letter and academic certificates from the university. Your CV should be in a consulting appropriate format and your cover letter should include your reasons for wanting to take part in the Suubi medical elective internships and why you would be an appropriate fit.

Where do I start now?

Get in touch. We are ready to answer any and all your questions and will paint a vivid picture of what medical elective placement at Suubi medical centre and Iganga hospital could look like for you.