Suubi Medical centre began in 2006 delivering free health care to Busu and the nearby villages in Iganga District when a small clinic with one nurse in Busu village was opened.

Today we have a staff of three and one doctor in our clinic in Busu village.

These medical professionals also travel to many remote villages near Kigulu County. Suubi Medical centre as treated over 7,000 people these people are very poor, they suffer from many types of diseases though diabetes, skin problems, and other nutrition related diseases are prevalent a continued education of hygiene and nutrition is ongoing.

The people of this region are poor and have a diet of mainly sweet potatoes and maize corn with little or no protein and subsist on an income of less than £100 us per year.

Project Summary

The Suubi Medical Centre (SMC) aims to provide health care, economic development, nutrition, self-help, education, and empowerment to the population of rural Iganga communities, with a concentration on maternal health and child survival. Donations will support programs directly benefitting impoverished women and children in Busu village.

Suubi Medical  Centre is a lifesaving clinic in Busu village but supports 9 catchment area villages providing services ranging from administering disease-preventing vaccinations to treating respiratory infections, diarrhoea, HIV/AIDS patients, and more. 

From skin infections to heart disease (and a variety of health issues in-between), when patients come to Suubi Medical Centre they receive compassionate medical care. 

Since its opening, Suubi medical Centre clinic has been focused to create a healthier community in Busu village, Iganga-Uganda by providing transformational health care for families experiencing poverty. All services are provided at a subsidised rate or free of charge to patients and because of the conditions of extreme poverty in this rural area of Iganga, our staff see as many patients each day.

Your faithful support is key to our continued operations!

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