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Last week, Brian, our nurse, reported back about a lady he has been treating for the last few months, living in a nearby village. He had been called back to her house where her symptoms showed she is suffering from malaria. Malaria is life threatening to people with underlying illness. 

Joan, aged 35, used to be a primary school teacher until two years ago when she started to forget what she was doing and became so poorly she had to stop teaching. Initially they had enough money to go to the main hospital to get tested and diagnosed, but after many visits, still came back with no diagnosis, and with no job, the money soon ran out. 

Brian feels sure that she has had a stroke now, but is still unclear on the initial cause of her illness.

Joan cannot walk or talk now, struggles to eat and has to be lifted for toileting and washing by her aunt who has problems with her spine and has been told not to lift. 

Joan sleeps on a mattress on the floor and never goes outside. 

Thanks to Suubi Medical Centre Joan has been treated for malaria and Brian visits regularly to monitor the situation in the household. We will try to get a commode to take for her so that she can use it for toileting but also to get outside. A bed and mosquito net would also ease her discomfort. 

Once we have built up our regular subscriptions enough to buy the medications we need at Suubi, we will be able to support these patients to be more comfortable too and to start providing preventative measures like mosquito nets, rather than always having to treat an illness or disease that has already taken hold. 

If you would like to help with basic medications for those that cannot afford it, please contact us to donate a one-off payment or consider a monthly donation. Just £3 can provide 2 people with medications for malaria. Thank you.

Electricity for Suubi

Those who have followed us over the years will have seen our struggle to connect Suubi Medical centre to the hydro electricity. Having power would make a difference because we would be able to use electric equipment and even carry out basic surgical operations and use a dental chair and things like that

We want to give this one last push. Our total bill is £2900 but we have £1700 so we need to raise £1200 to make it happen. We need some monentum to push this so that we end the 5 year long wait for electricity. Can you help with this drive?