Health Worker Training:

Suubi Medical Centre has been training a number of local women as health workers, locally known as VHTs, to assist with medical records, triage, lab and pharmacy needs so that there is less dependence upon expatriate personnel. These women are trained in basic first aid and wound care and were provided with a stock of supplies and basic medications to be utilized between medical team visits from overseas medical staff.

SMC is also looking to train women as midwives, keeping with Ugandan culture of using traditional birthing assistants (TBAs) for childbirth.

It has been shown in many places that maternal and neonatal survival rates improve when traditional birth attendants are provided with training to improve their skills.  SMC will provide ongoing support to our local traditional birth attendants (TBAs) by sending them to monthly training programs in Busu village where they will be taught some basic techniques in hygiene, child birth, care of the new born and nutritional support and prenatal care.