We Rely on Donations and Support from You!

What Can I Do?

We would like to link together with schools, communities, families or corporations and companies in UK, US, Europe and other parts of the world who can fundraise for Uganda to make a difference. We are looking for fundraisers, those doing it for the first time and seasoned pros to work with, so we make a difference in Uganda. We can provide resources, ideas and opportunities to help make an impact.
  • You can contribute to buying medication
  • Buying equipment
  • Sponsoring a workshop or medical camp
  • Contribute to renovations and construction of new facilities
  • Contribute to the purchase of a motorbike or van for the medical centre
  • Contribute to the salaries of the medical centres’ staff

And much more…

  • Will you host an event at your home, school, church, community?
  • Set a date and determine realistic fundraising goals.

Every donation makes a life-changing impact to the patients of Suubi and life in Uganda. We will provide you with Suubi medical centre updates on the community or project you’ve supported so that you can stay in touch to see the change you have helped make in Uganda.

We can help you take your initiative to the next level by giving you a chance to participating in a life-changing trip to Uganda to see how your support made an impact. You would link up with Busu village community members and see first-hand the transformative change that you have helped to create through the work of Suubi Medical Centre.