Where Your Money Goes

Suubi Medical Centre is looking for funding and support from a variety of sources: individuals, companies, grants and trusts; major donors, the general public, schools, churches, and other groups.

Suubi Medical Centre is run as a community interest business (CIC) and we monitor closely all costs and procedures to make sure that the money our supporters give goes to where it really matters.

We have a team in both the UK (volunteers overseeing fundraising, running costs and organisation) and in Uganda, who deal with the day to day aspects of running the clinic. We are extremely proud of the value for money we provide with nearly all funds raised going straight into the clinic and there being minimal admin costs.

Our major costs:

  • We run a small laboratory to test blood and urine
  • We give maternity support to pregnant mothers
  • Maintaining the stock of medicine in the pharmacy
  • We cover basic operational and administration costs
  • Pay salaries for the following staff:
    • A Visiting Doctor;
    • A Clinical Medical Officer;
    • A Clinic Manager;
    • An Enrolled Comprehensive Nurse;
    • A Midwife;
    • A Lab Technician;

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