Coronavirus Lockdown

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Dear friends. We have had to close Suubi Medical Centre due to Ugandan government guidelines.

Our tiny Centre is not equipped for more than basic medical diagnosis and procedures and certainly not for dealing with the Coronavirus that has just reached Uganda.

With no electricity, ventilators and such, we would just be putting our staff at risk, and so have asked them to return home to their families. Leading up to this, they have been instrumental in sending out information to the villages and we feel sure their actions and advice on basic hand-washing and social distancing will help save lives.

We still need to pay our amazing staff, so please could I ask anyone who feels able, to donate. Just a few pounds will help so much. Thank you from all the Suubi UK team.

Electricity for Suubi

Those who have followed us over the years will have seen our struggle to connect Suubi Medical centre to the hydro electricity. Having power would make a difference because we would be able to use electric equipment and even carry out basic surgical operations and use a dental chair and things like that

We want to give this one last push. Our total bill is £2900 but we have £1700 so we need to raise £1200 to make it happen. We need some monentum to push this so that we end the 5 year long wait for electricity. Can you help with this drive?