Coronavirus in Uganda

A DEVASTATING SECOND WAVE OF CORONAVIRUS IN UGANDA HAS CAUSED A SHARP RISE IN ILLNESS AND DEATH. This new wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is already proving to be far more widespread and severe than Uganda saw in 2020. Hospitals have been running out of beds and oxygen supplies, with health services around the country […]

We will overcome.

Only a few weeks ago we were running an outreach event for Busu and the 7 nearby villages, at our medical centre. We conducted blood tests for HIV, Malaria and other sexually transmitted diseases. We also screened for breast cancer and cervical cancer and gave family planning advice and contraception services. We treated people for […]

Coronavirus Lockdown

Dear friends. We have had to close Suubi Medical Centre due to Ugandan government guidelines. Our tiny Centre is not equipped for more than basic medical diagnosis and procedures and certainly not for dealing with the Coronavirus that has just reached Uganda. With no electricity, ventilators and such, we would just be putting our staff […]

Coronavirus threat!

Our wonderful team are responsibly talking to small groups in the community to make them aware of the threat of coronavirus, following their schools, churches, mosques and other gathering places being closed, despite the govt reporting that there are no cases in the country yet. The practicalities are hugely difficult with larger numbers of people […]


Little Zubair, just 8 years old, came into Suubi Medical Centre yesterday with a severe case of malaria. He had diarrhea and severe vomiting and was kept on a drip overnight. Hopefully he will be recovered enough to go home this afternoon. He has had malaria on many occasions and his parents have been advised […]


Last week, Brian, our nurse, reported back about a lady he has been treating for the last few months, living in a nearby village. He had been called back to her house where her symptoms showed she is suffering from malaria. Malaria is life threatening to people with underlying illness.  Joan, aged 35, used to […]


Uganda’s Ministry of Health says that malaria kills about 5,000 people a year in Uganda. This little lad was brought into Suubi Medical Centre yesterday for testing as he was poorly, and was found to have malaria. I am looking forward to the day when we can give out a mosquito nets to the most […]

Baby Jennifer

On February 21st, whilst in Uganda, I met a 16 year old who had been unable to give birth at Suubi Medical Centre due to a lack of equipment and medications. She was in labour and had to be taken by motorcycle to the main hospital whilst having contractions, where a lack of midwife’s in […]

This is Collin.

This is Collin.He was noticed sitting outside Suubi Medical Centre, quietly, one afternoon while we were in Uganda. One of our tour group went to talk to him to see why he wasn’t in school. He told us he felt ill and had been sent home. His parents were both in different towns and his […]

We are in Uganda!

Hi. Kizzy here. I am in Uganda with our group from Devon, Somerset and Gloucestershire. We said goodbye to Suubi Medical Centre at lunchtime after a week at the project, so I just wanted to share with you a few of the wonderful achievements that have been made by the group this week.  We are […]