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What we get up to in Uganda

What We Do in Uganda


Healthcare is the major aspect of what we do because the welfare of people in the community we serve is at the very heart of what we do. We hope that we can daily give hope, dignity, and prosperity through health.

The health care that Suubi Medical Centre brings to Busu and the neighbouring communities are at the core of our dream and vision. Our clinical programs focus on prevention and treatment across five major areas: Maternal and infant health, Child health, Non-communicable diseases, Infectious diseases, and mental health.

Over the years, we have seen demand for the services of Suubi Medical Centre continue to rise. Largely due to expanded outreach and education efforts, births attended by our skilled health professional midwives and nurses increased significantly. We have served more patients in our surrounding areas and we look forward to serving them more effectively as we get more resources.

Agriculture and Nutrition

We have over the years run an agriculture and nutrition program at the Suubi medical centre providing education for the community about healthy nutritional food and on farming practices that empower people to nourish their bodies via a diverse diet.

We believe that agriculture programs Busu village are important in the promotion of healthy communities and in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Through Agriculture programs we hope that our community members and patients learn how to cultivate home gardens, empowering them to expand their diets beyond the staple sweet potatoes and sugarcane. We want to promote sustainable land use to preserve the longevity of farming possibilities and assist the Busu community in raring animals for a reliable milk source.


We know that as part of our medical help in Uganda, health education empowers communities in Busu village to live healthier lives. At Suubi Medical centre, we deliver interactive health education sessions to address the health issues we identify as most pressing, where we put the emphasis on prevention over cure. Our educational sessions cover common areas like  Nutrition, HIV/AIDS and access to safe drinking water.

Community Engagement​

Our Community Engagement over the years has been a great link through which we establish trust and develop solidarity with the local community in Busu and nearby villages. It is also a vessel through which we deliver and transform key elements of our programs from health, education, agriculture and economic development.

By maintaining community connections, we hope we can provide services that are culturally relevant and responsive to Busu community priorities. We receive regular feedback from community leaders in Busu village on community health needs, the perception of our work, and how we might tailor programming to better fit what the community needs.

Because of our community involvement, we have had villagers repair the road to Suubi medical centre, help plant trees with overseas volunteers to prevent erosion and replenish the land.

We have delivered health promotion messages through our music and drama groups, created plays on mental health and nutrition which were watched by people from across the villages, and we gave community training on several key areas on primary health care. The Busu village community repeatedly demonstrates its commitment to our mission. With their support we will grow our programs, reaching more patients each year.