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About Suubi


Suubi Medical Centre is situated in a rural area of Uganda, within Busu village (Iganga District) and serves approximately 25,000 children and adults who would otherwise have little access to medical care. The medical and fund raising teams based in Uganda and the UK, want to help everyone in the communities in and around Busu have equal access to primary and focused speciality medical care, something many of us in countries with universal free-at-point-of-entry health care, can sometimes take for granted!

Under the umbrella CIC ( Community Interest Company) ‘Suubi Uganda Project’ …which has a number of community based initiatives planned…we welcome support for our medical centre from anyone wanting to help us achieve our goals. This is especially vital, as poverty is often the determining factor in the well-being of many families in this area.

Our mission is to continue to help achieve a healthier population in this area, through both health education (preventing diseases, counselling, health and child care information, etc…) and through providing treatments, care, support and rehabilitation from diseases as well as maternity services.

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